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Knowledge-Based Automated Design powered by Intent!™

VTS is a solution provider for Intent™ software by Engineering Intent. Intent™, affordable software for sales and engineering automation, captures and automatically applies your company's engineering, configuration, and geometry. By harnessing the power of Intent™, VTS is able to move beyond black box applications and create more powerful automated design programs for even the most complex projects.

Intent is a software toolkit for building design automation solutions. It is used to solve repetitive problems that require automating. Intent is most useful where the solution requires a combination of configuration, engineering and geometry. The Intent software runs inside a conventional design program such as AutoCad.

  • Rules, requirements, and relationships that determine the component and assembly make-up of a product
  • Database look-up for sizing and selecting components
  • Formula -based rules
  • What-if analysis (logical and conditional rules)
  • Interfaces to existing engineering analysis programs
  • Parametric 2D and 3D wireframe geometry
  • Parametric solids
  • Drawings

Intent™ is affordable, Windows- based software that runs on standard PC platforms.

Intent™ operates like a spreadsheet for engineers, capturing rules that define objects and assemblies, plus their relationships and dependencies.

Rules are entered as specifications, avoiding the procedural steps required by traditional programming languages. You enter relationships between objects, just as in a spreadsheet you enter relationships between cells - but in Intent™, the object can contain far more information than a simple cell.

The system automatically tracks the parameters and contraints among objects. Because the objects are organized into a product structure tree, Intent™ can capture all the assembly/subassembly relationships.

Fast Standard Tool

Intent's™ open, C + + Win32-based architecture ensures that it will interoperate with your other critical business and engineering systems. Intent™ outperforms all competitors, especially in critical sales engineering automation, where a client wants to see results now.

Contact VTS today to get started on an application design tailored to your business needs.

Intent™ and Design by Intent™ are trademarks of Engineering Intent. Other trademarks are the property of their respective organizations. Intent™ is continuously enhanced: check with your Engineering Intent representative for the latest specifications and features.

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