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June 9, 1999: Unigraphics and Heide Corporation sign licensing agreement

Full release text below:

Unigraphics Solutions and Heide Corporation Collaborate on Knowledge Based Engineering Solution
       Leading-Edge KBE Software Will be Incorporated Into Unigraphics

    ST. LOUIS, Aug. 9 /PRNewswire/ -- Unigraphics Solutions Inc. (NYSE: UGS)
and Heide Corporation today have announced a partnership which will accelerate
the delivery of knowledge enabled applications within Unigraphics.  Under this
partnership, Unigraphics Solutions -- in cooperation with Heide consultants --
will incorporate Heide Corporation's Intent!(TM) language as the core
technology for rules based engineering.  In addition, Heide Corporation will
further strengthen its leading-edge software by adopting the industry standard
Parasolid geometric kernel for Intent!
    Intent! is a toolkit for building engineering automation solutions.  It is
a rule-based design system that allows capturing and reuse of engineering
design rules, and a configuration system for selecting and assembling
compatible parts.  It is extensible, in that users may define flexible "smart
parts" that can be assembled and configured in ways that are not
pre-programmed but which conform to engineering, configuration and geometric
    "The move to incorporate Intent! into Unigraphics is an exciting element
of our strategy to provide knowledge enriched applications," says Chuck
Grindstaff, director of the Unigraphics line of business for Unigraphics
Solutions.  "Today, Unigraphics customers can encode systems engineering
knowledge in tools like WAVE and leverage process specific knowledge with
tools like MoldWizard.  The addition of Heide's Intent! will provide further
value to Unigraphics customer by enabling them to encode engineering know-how
into the very early stages of the product development process."
    "Collaborating with Unigraphics Solutions will result in the best in class
solution for Knowledge Enabled Mechanical CAD," says Scott Heide, president of
Heide Corporation.  "Use of the Intent! product has resulted in substantial
improvements to the engineering throughput of companies like GM, GE and
Hamilton Standard and we are confident that Unigraphics customers will find
even more benefit from the integrated solution.  Furthermore, the adoption of
the Parasolid Kernel will enable Heide Corporation to provide advanced
applications (such as sales configurators) to the rapidly growing Parasolid
    "The Intent! language is simply the best rules based engineering tool on
the market," says Gary Newell, chief architect for Unigraphics.  "In addition,
the domain experience of Heide's consulting team will greatly accelerate our
deployment of knowledge enriched applications."

    About Heide Corporation
    Heide Corporation provides Knowledge Based Engineering tools and services
that help manufacturing customers automate their design processes.  More than
2000 seats of Intent! are in production today, serving aerospace, automotive
and machinery markets.  The company maintains corporate headquarters in
Medfield, Mass. and can be reached via the WorldWide Web at .

    About Unigraphics Solutions
    Unigraphics Solutions Inc. (NYSE: UGS) provides end-to-end CAD/CAM/CAE/PDM
software and related services designed to improve its customers' command of
product development.  The company provides tools appropriate to a
collaborative engineering environment, converting ideas into easily shared
concepts used to develop products of varying complexity such as motor
vehicles, aircraft, heavy equipment and consumer goods and the parts that
comprise them.  Unigraphics Solutions' software is used worldwide and includes
Unigraphics for high-end, complex design, manufacture and assembly; Solid Edge
for mid-range, Windows-based product design; iMAN for product data management;
and Parasolid, a design and manufacturing industries solid modeling standard.
Many OEM software developers have licensed the Parasolid kernel.  The company,
formerly EDS Unigraphics, maintains corporate headquarters in St. Louis, Mo.
and can be reached via the WorldWide Web at .

    Unigraphics Solutions, Parasolid, Solid Edge, Unigraphics, ProductVision,
iMAN, GRIP, managedServices, LightningStart and RAPIDiMAN are trademarks,
registered trademarks or service marks of Unigraphics Solutions Inc.  All
other trademarks, registered trademarks or service marks belong to their
respective holders.  The information within is subject to change without
notice and does not represent a commitment on the part of Unigraphics
    Intent! is a trademark of Heide Corporation.

    CONTACT:  Jim Phelan, of Unigraphics Solutions, 314-344-5290, or e-mail, ; or Dave Gayman, of Heide Corporation, 508-820-1179,
or e-mail, .

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