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Photorealistic pictures for brochures can be easily produced from 3-D computer models, often at a fraction of the cost of hand drawn images. Photorealistic rendered images and animations are also very effective for use in product demonstrations, for trade show presentations, as well as for many other types of sales and marketing collateral material.

3-D computer models and animations are convenient and effective training aids. The use of exploded and cutaway views, transparent components, slow motion, virtual "walk-throughs", as well as many other features, can add insight and information not available even from the actual product or system. Images made from the models are also perfect for use in operation, parts, and training manuals.
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Prior to computer modeling, costly handmade prototypes or physical models were required to view, examine and evaluate products and systems before production runs, or actual construction. 3-D models and animations are extremely accurate, and much more cost effective alternatives. The models and animations can also be used for stress analysis, motion studies, interference checks, and a myriad of other technical purposes.

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